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Authorised Recipient For German Tax Office

Do you have lots of German customers? Then you probably need to register for a German VAT ID. This is an offer for small and middle sized companies to meet legal requirements. Start filing your registration today!

My latest offer

The Offer

I Will Receive And Deliver Your Tax Mail

I will allow you to register me at your responsible German tax office as recipient. At the same time I get a signed copy of the necessary power of attorney to receive. With this document I am allowed to sign for your mail. My job is to guarantee that mail to you from a German authority is delivered to you. I fulfil all legal requirements to be your authorised recipient with a valid business address in Germany.


Explore My Offer

Besides a power of attorney to receive, which you have to sign, you will get a service contract and access to a mailbox. If a document is placed in that box, an email will notify you. The software allows me to track if the document was delivered successfully. This is necessary to asure that I delivered incoming mail succesfully. Else I have to try to contact you in another way.


What I Will do

Officially Recognised Contact and Expert Advice

Scanning your official documents, I will even name them, and add a hint or warning. This is without warranty but shall help you to know when action is necessary. And I offer to be the first pension for translation or to assist.

If you are unlucky, you were chosen to check your documents. Then you will have to send some invoices or an export of trades from your fulfilment centre. Anyway, I know what to do or whom to contact.


Choose Your Best Plan

From January 2023 on, we will have new offices. We celebrated the end of the year in our old rooms with this offer.

Starter Plan

119 €Per Month

3 Months Service

Registration As Authorised Recipient

Digital forwarding of 3 letters or 18 pages
per month

24/7 Support per mail

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1 Year Service Plan

356 €

Per Month

12 Months Service

Registration As Authorised Recipient

Digital forwarding of 5 letters or 30 pages
per month

24/7 Support

Phone support during office hours

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1 Year All Business Mail

399 €

Per Month

12  Month Service

Registration as Authorised Recipient

Your name on mailbox

Digital forwarding of 5 letters or 30 pages per month

24/7 Support

Phone support during office hours

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What Clients Say

There are very different people that sell stuff online. Some sell tutorials, some are specialised on certain kind of good and some are general traders with lots of different items. What ever you sell online and even for services, this can be an option for you. Saving money and fulfilling legal requirements.

Dirk turned paper into real money. No more, no less.

photo artist get VAT return form Germany
Clara S.
Photo Artist

I hadn’t except so many customer from abroad. Dirk helped me to deal with the burden of it.

bike shop owner happy about VAT refund
William G.
Shop Founder

I knew that I paid too much taxes to foreign governments. Dirk helped me get a refund.

young muslim shop owner has a authorised recipient as receiver of offical mail from Geman authorities
Ayse A.
Ebay Seller


General Questions

Will you apply for my German VAT id?

I can help you register a German VAT is. But thatis another product. This product is about an authorised recipient whom you need for a VAT tax declaration. At least when your from outside the European Union, you will need someone in Getmany who receives your mail.

If I cancel your contract as an authorised recipient due to improper or illegal use, there will be no refund. In any other case, I will reimburse you proportionally.

If you cancel it without a valid reason for any breach of duty to my side, there will be no refund, too.

For contracts with recurring payments, there is a special right of termination in case of price increases.

It is unlikely that mail from different senders will arrive for you at the address of the authorised recipient. Authorities address the document directly to the authorised recipient. Your name even won’t be on my business mailbox.

If there would be surprisingly more mail for you, the same conditions apply. Three letters and 18 single-sided pages per month are included. For more, I will charge you 0.50 € per page A4.

Mailbox for tax office documents

You may change the authorised recipient at any time. You just have to send the responsible authority the address of a new authorised recipient or provide your new German address.

After 6-12 weeks the data in your online box will be deleted, and the original letters received will be destroyed securely. If mail arrives for you, I will return it to its sender.

On request I can offer to place your name on my mailbox. You will be able to receive further business mail at the authorised recipient’s adress. I would act als your German mail forwarder.

A lot of services are connected to inquiries of German office, e. g. tax offices. Letters may be translated and explained, replies can be drafted, forms filed in and data assembled. Introducing the online system ELSTER ist possible, too. 

For VAT purposes quite frequently the tax office asks for a copy of the largest bills and an electronic list of items bought and sold.


  1. It is not allowed.
  2. No one will sign for your mail.

You will receive access to a mailbox where your incomig documents will be uploaded.

The documents will be scanned at 300 dpi and saved as PDFs. After uploading you will be notified by email. You can download the copy securely encrypted.

Sure. It will contain my company’s German VAT id. Unless you are from Germany, there will be no VAT charged – due to ‘Reverse Charge’.

Sure. There is even a version online. Try this link.

If you don’t want to sign the service contract, you don’t have to. After ordering online, you will have two weeks to step back. And within these two weeks, you will receive a full refund for the not-used service.

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